Success Stories

"Account-Ability allows teachers to manage student accounts like never before. I can view student use of the internet and hand out and retrieve student assignments all electronically saving paper and more importantly TIME. It has amazingly reduced our paper/copier budget by thousands of dollars. I couldn't wait to get Account-Ability into my classroom and now that it is I don't know what I would do without it!"
Roland Smith - CTE Teacher/Gig Harbor High School
Gig Harbor, WA


Account-Ability™ and StaffLync™ Sales FAQ Topics

Q. I have searched for a program to automate this process but have been unable to find one in the past; how long has Total Recall Inc been providing this solution?
A. Total Recall Inc introduced Account-Ability™ into the market over 5 years ago and has since become the leader in network based account creation, management and supervision. No other company provides a comprehensive or equal solution for automating this process taking into consideration all aspects of compatibility and integration of existing systems.

Technical Sales Questions:

Q. What makes Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ different from other user account creation programs?
A. Account-Ability™ is an automated network based solution. This means that data pulled directly from your Student Information System (SIS) creates user accounts that are synchronized daily for database accuracy on your network in Active Directory or Novell NDS. In addition these foundational accounts can be pulled into class groups, provide direct digital homework exchange with teachers, are accessible from any location with web access and provide innovative supervision tools for the classroom. Network accounts can also be used for tracking what users are doing on the network and requires minimal bandwidth between locations during peak user hours.

StaffLync™ follows the same process pulling data from either the student admin system or the district HR system.

Q. Will my existing network infrastructure be able to handle the Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ software system?
A. Account-Ability™/StaffLync ™ software typically resides on an existing Windows server and is compatible with all major Student Information Systems (SIS) and major database connectors. If your SIS is unique or is not one currently served by Total Recall Inc a custom connection may be an option for you at no additional charge. Please contact customer service to inquire about compatibility with your SIS.

Q. How much space will I need to consider for storage of user accounts?
A. If your district already supplies network accounts Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ will automate the creation process but will not require any more hard drive space than is currently allocated unless you request an increase in folder size from your current settings. For new user accounts you will need to consider the maximum amount of folder space you would like to allocate and plan for that accordingly when deciding where to house your network accounts.

Pricing/Purchase Information:

Q. How is Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ priced?
A. Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ are comprehensive yet modular solutions for automating, managing and supervising network user accounts. The following factors contribute to the cost analysis for each customer.

  • Modules selected
  • Student and/or Staff head count
  • Grade level or status of account holders
  • District size
    *Discounts are available for full district implementations.

Q. How are Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ available for purchase?
A. Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ are offered at a “one-time” cost with our Purchase Plan “A” program. This is our most popular pricing plan and provides schools/districts with an indefinite user license for the version they purchase. Additional purchase/subscription plans are available for districts meeting size and implementation criteria.

Q. What is the minimum/maximum number of accounts that can be purchased?
A. Due to the way the Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ system pulls data from the SIS the minimum purchase is for one school location. However, there is no maximum number of accounts; Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ were specifically made to automate any quantity of user accounts at one time.

Q. What happens if my student/staff population changes over the course of the school year or during my renewal contract with Total Recall Inc?
A. It is our policy to accommodate for fluctuation of student body or staff population within the license user agreement. If any large population shifts occur between school years, for example any significant loss of users or new additional users will be taken into account in the annual renewal contract.

Q. What types of discounts are available?
A. Total Recall Inc strives to meet the needs of districts of all sizes by providing a pricing structure that is tailored to the size and usability of the product by different levels of users. In conjunction with that there are often specific discounts available for conference participation and referrals, as well as seasonal discounts. Please inquire about current specials when contacting a representative for a quote.

Q. What is the typical implementation time frame?
A. The time from consultation to installation varies depending on the size and needs of the customer. However, customer orders are generally completed within 30 days of the acceptance of a price quote and receipt of Purchase Order.

Customer Support after Purchase

Q. How do I obtain updates/customer support for Account-Ability™/StaffLync™ after purchase?
A. The first year of updates/support is included in the installation/update cost incurred during the initial purchase. Subsequent support and updates are available with an annual renewal contract priced at a nominal 20% of the current annual pricing structure. This agreement is optional but recommended.

Q. What type of support is available for Account-Ability™/StaffLync™?
A. Total Recall Inc provides toll free phone support and email support for customers during regular business hours 7am – 6pm Mon-Fri PST. Outside of regular business hours voicemail or email may be sent to our support center with an average turnaround time of 1-3 business hours depending on the time of the call and the issue at hand. All of our customers are important to us and customer support is a top priority.

Free Consultation/Quote Information

Q. How can I learn more about Account-Ability™ software and the benefits it can provide to my school/district?
A. We are happy to provide interested schools/districts a FREE consultation that includes reviewing your needs, discussing your current infrastructure, and implementation planning.

You may also speak to a sales representative about arranging a WebEx demonstration by visiting our website at to complete a Contact Us form, emailing our sales department or calling toll free to 1-866-751-5352.

Q. How do I request a quote for Account-Ability™ software solution?
A. Visit our website to download a quote request form from our Contact Us page or call toll free to 1-866-751-5352.

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