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"With every piece of software or hardware, schools are consistently challenged to find those that not only meet their needs but also come with an adequate level of support to implement them and keep them running down the road. Of all the companies I have dealt with, I cannot think of one that provides the top-notch level of support that Total Recall has. When it comes to tech support, we all wish for someone on the other end of the line that is knowledgeable, persistent, and friendly, and that is exactly what we have gotten from Total Recall."
Kyle Reynolds – Technology Director
Woodward, OK

New Web Warden Administrative Release

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It is scheduled to be released by the End of December 2008. It is just finishing up it`s beta cycle. It will be released to all Customers with a valid Support Contract, which includes all Customers that have purchased within the last year, and who own the Web Warden Module.

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